It’s May, the birds are in full voice, our gardens and surrounding landscapes are growing with relentless energy and Easter may seem ages ago. Do you have any chocolate eggs left or is that a thing of the past?!

The church calendar is reluctant to move on from the season of Easter so quickly. Resurrection is both a marvelous, and a complicated, foundation of the Christian faith, and so the Easter season of 50 days allows us to celebrate and ponder the accounts we have of resurrection and the impact this has on the lives of disciples – disciples then and disciples today.

Leicester Cathedral has an exhibition running until 20th May called ‘Stations of Resurrection’. You may be familiar with stations of the cross, which give us 15 visual aids to ponder the journey that Jesus made to his death on a cross. The resurrection stations are of course more joyous. The artist, Iain McKillop, has tried to capture that joy and also the challenges of encountering a risen Lord. I wonder if you would find that interesting? Maybe you could make something of a short pilgrimage to Leicester city, a day out, a mini adventure, with this small journey through resurrection stations giving you the chance to think again about your beliefs and your life in this Easter season.

Leicester Cathedral is open Monday – Saturday til 6pm, and Sunday afternoon.

Every blessing,

Louise Corke